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About Us

Beverly Knits is one of the largest circular knitters in the United States. The company has created industry-leading solutions for some of the world’s greatest brands of athletic wear, intimate apparel, bedding, automotive fabrics, and industrial fabrics. The ability to innovate and respond quickly to changing demands has been a hallmark of Beverly Knits since its founding.

Beverly Knits was founded in 1980 by Robert and JoAnn Sytz. The company has been owned since 2004 by Ron Sytz, who is the company’s CEO, and his wife, Janet, who serves as CFO.

Beverly Knits currently operates over 300 circular knitting machines, which produce over 30 million square yards of fabric annually. The company's manufacturing and warehousing facilities cover over 450,000 square feet in five buildings located in Gastonia, North Carolina, 55,000 square in Albemarle, NC, and 50,000 square feet in Hemingway, SC.  Approximately 50% of Beverly Knits’ current production is devoted to apparel and 35% to bedding. The balance is split among automotive, medical, and industrial fabrics.

The Beverly Knits Companies

Beverly Knits has expanded the operations to include dyeing, finishing, and cutting and sewing and capabilities. Each of the manufacturing segments operate as separate business unit.  Together these business units work together as a vertical textile manufacturer known as the Beverly Knits Companies.

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