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Knitting Services

Beverly Knits began as a commission knitting company in 1980. Over the years, the company has grown to source yarn and design fabrics for greige good sales. The company has created Creative Fabrics as a business unit to sell finished fabrics.


With more than 40 years in the industry, Beverly Knits has developed a team full of technical and operational expertise. The team's expertise paired with the company's diverse range of knitting machines make Beverly Knits a leader in Research & Development. 

Beverly Knits has knitting machines varying from 8 to 60 inches in diameter, with gauges ranging from 7 to 42. The machine types include, but are not limited to, single knit, double knit, and electronic jacquard. With this varied fleet, Beverly Knits has the capability of producing circular knit fabrics for all industries.

Available Services through the Beverly Knits Companies

In recent years, Beverly Knits has vertically integrated. Its offerings now include knitting, dyeing, finishing, and cutting and sewing.  Each manufacturing process operates as a separate business unit, but are known together as the Beverly Knits Companies. Customers may purchase greige good fabric, finished fabric, or cut and sewn products from the Beverly Knits Companies.  Our team will guide you through the design process from yarn selection, through knitting and finishing techniques, to a cut and sewn complete product. 

Industries Served

With over 300 knitting machines and more than 42 years of experience, Beverly Knits has manufactured knitted fabrics for many industries. The main markets served are athletic wear, intimate apparel, bedding, automotive, and industrial.

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